Master Gauss’s martial arts journey started at the age of six when his uncle, a judoka, introduced him to the discipline of Judo. Besides Judo, Gauss has also studied the following arts: Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwan Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Small Circle Ju Jitsu, and Modern Arnis. Master Gauss was also a firearms, defensive tactics and PPCT instructor during his distinguished 20+ year career as a law enforcement officer.

His life changed when he met Professor Remy Presas at a seminar in Joliet, Illinois in 1991. According to Master Gauss, Professor Presas was conducting a joint seminar with Grandmaster Wally Jay. Gauss was admittedly more interested in the Small Circle Jiu Jitsu portion due to his Judo and PPCT background. He recalls that the seminar participants were divided into two groups, one to train with Professor Presas and the other group to train with Grandmaster Jay. Gauss was assigned to Professor Presas’s group. Master Gauss notes that he didn’t even know who Professor Presas was, he says “I sure knew who he was by the end of the seminar!”

After that meeting, Master Gauss was determined to learn all he could from Professor Presas. Gauss traveled all over the world, spanning multiple countries and continents, in pursuit of this goal. One of Master Gauss’ proudest moments was accompanying Professor Presas to Black Belt Magazine in California. There, Gauss was one of a select few students tapped by Professor to be uke for his Black Belt videos; Master Gauss even appears on the cover of Volume I.

Along with six others, Gauss was promoted to the level of Master of Tapi Tapi in December 2000. Professor declared that the level of Master of Tapi Tapi was the highest level of proficiency in the art of Modern Arnis, having demonstrated the ability to utilize the lightning quick counter for counter fighting strategy integral to Professor’s art.

Prior to Professor’s terminal illness diagnosis and to Master Gauss’s promotion to Master of Tapi Tapi, Professor Presas encouraged Gauss to teach Modern Arnis seminars. According to Gauss, Professor Presas would help him set up some of the seminars by introducing him to some school owners. Since Professor’s untimely death, Master Gauss has been on a mission to teach and spread Modern Arnis by conducting seminars, demonstrations and teaching classes, always remembering his promise to Professor. Master Gauss is teaching wherever he can get a foot-hold in places like Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Ontario, North Carolina, Texas, California, Illinois and Germany. He has done demonstrations at martial arts tournaments, schools, police stations and even in an ER waiting room. In addition, he has implemented a training program for police departments where all officers were taught Modern Arnis.

As a result of Professor Presas’ influence and his experiences in teaching, Master Gauss has realized that his primary aim is to teach people to become teachers. He believes that a lot of people can learn martial arts, but not all of them are teacher material. He states “I am trying to teach the students, but I am also reaching out trying to find those few people who can be great instructors.” He believes that the more someone teaches the better they become. Master Gauss says “I know that it’s an impossible goal, but I would love to be one tenth the teacher that Professor was.”

Now retired from law enforcement, Master Gauss now works in the executive protection field. In addition to running the dojo, he also teaches the M.A.C.H. (Modern Arnis Combat Handgun) program which he created from the ground up for civilians who carry firearms.