2014 Michigan Summer Camp Flyer

Here is the flyer for the 2014 Michigan Summer Camp. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Hotel information will be coming soon.


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Michigan Arnis Summer Camp information

Here’s a teaser clip for this year’s Michigan Camp, taking place June 27th to the 30th!

For camp, hotel and pricing information, check out the video flyers!

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February Newsletter


Well Jan came and went like a flash. I hope all of you are still working hard on your eating habits and your physical fitness. Feb is upon us and there are some great things happening.

Now is the time to push yourself and get involved and begin your journey and make improvements. Don’t wait, time goes by way to fast.

I think it is important to mention we all thought we had nothing but time training with professor so often. It was in a blink of an eye and he had gotten sick and then in such a short time he passed away.

None of us have the ability to know what the future will bring, don’t postpone things for tomorrow!!!

I am very excited these next couple months are full of all kinds of great events.

For starters we now have a personal trainer at the dojo, he and Greg are teaching a strength and conditioning class tues and fri at 6pm It is called Fit Happens .

We have a workshop on sat feb 9th the focus will be ground fighting.

I am also offering 6 slots for ½ private lessons at a discounted rate of $35.00 for the half hour.

This is on a first come first serve.

I am super pumped we have the M.A.C.H. Camp and seminars up and running again they are fantastic no matter what your skill level is. Please check the calendars for these events. IN THE NEAR FUTURE I WILL BE OFFERING FRANCHISE PROGRAMS FOR THE M.A.C.H. PROGRAM.

If you are interested in that you will have to contact me there is a lengthy interview process as well as training process involved.

So as you can see there are a plethora of great things going on with our awesome school.

The focus for the next couple months in class is going to be on foundational skills, We are going to spend a ton of time on the beginning stages of Arnis to improve are base . In the advanced class we are going to be concentrating on how to make things flow.

One of the last things I would like to talk about is dedication . To each person or student this has some different meanings depending on where each student is in their journey.

I want to relate a story that I was told while I was in Germany at the Best of the West camp.

A young man came into the gym carrying a bunch of stuff, I thought holly cow this guys moving in for the next couple of days. I didn’t pay much attention to where he went because I was very busy.

The next day he was there at the gym when I got there. I noticed that a few folks had bedding and sleeping bags on the floor and they were putting their stuff away. As I watched a couple of these folks I observed them eating an apple and some bread and drinking some water.

Later that day I was told from one of my students that the one student was talking about how important this event was to him, and how excited he was to be there. He mentioned that he only makes about $400.00 a month where he lives. The camp was $350.00 and it took 8 hours by train to arrive to the camp location. He spent his months wages on one camp. He slept on the floor ate minimal amount of food but thought that he was having the time of his life. I was sooo impressed with this actually got a chill thinking about the struggles this man went through to get here at this camp. He chose the camp over every day existence.

I think about this when I hear all the excuses folks have about not coming to training, Some folks miss classes every week with no reason, others talk about time constraints, some talk about money.

What I find so amusing is when the Test date for rank is posted people come out of the wood work.

When they are denied or fail their test , the shock on their face is incredible.

When I hear about Money I wonder what truly is going on. I mean I observe you go to McDonald’s spend 12.00 bucks on a crappy meal that you shouldn’t eat to begin with, or you go to Starbucks buy a $7.00 coffee how many days a week. I think back to the Man in Germany who had to use his months wages to work out one weekend, he slept on the floor ate minimal food just to get what he wanted.

I think it comes down to priorities and dedication, and what you truly want. I hear folks every day,” man I cant wait until I get my black belt’, but those words ring so true more than most people ever know. You CANT wait , You expect your black belt for minimal time in and minimal effort, Like a drive though at burger king. I am sorry but you have fooled yourself into believing that this will work.

The day that you chose to pursue the martial arts It began as way of life , some how people have been side tracked off the path.

The black belt is not the end, Its the beginning of a great adventure and journey in self discovery, personal empowerment and enlightenment. Once this happens you will be able to inspire others to follow their dreams and aspirations, and become such a great person . A person who makes no excuses and takes full responsibility for their life , for their future. A person who knows what He/She wants,

knows how to schedule their time appropriately , A person who is DEDICATED TO THE FUTURE,

and a person who makes no EXCUSES!!!.

I m asking everyone to be honest with yourselves and look at what you have done, and look at where you are now and where you want to be. No More excuses, no More missing training, no more’ ‘I will just do it next time’. The time is now to become the greatest that you can be.!!!!

DEDICATE YOURSELF TO YOU. Be successful.!!!!! Train every class like it is the very last class that you can ever attend , give it everything you have ,don’t hold back.

Please be inspired , push yourself there are no limits of what you can do!!!.

See you on the Mat!!!!!!!!!!

Master Chuck

p.s. THIS was not directed to any one person, however if you feel it is, that means you need to take a close look at what you are NOT doing to become successful!!!!! Don’t take it personal and quit, take it personal and improve yourself on your views of dedication and what it is going to take for success!!!!

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Fit Happens !111

Hey we are super Pumped we now have a certified personal trainer at the dojo. The class is called Fit happens (cute ey) the class will be tues and fri at 6pm. Now’s the time you just gave up on your new years resolutions or your not in the shape you want to be in now’s the time to come in and take advantage of the new class. For a limited time they are offering the class for 49.99 for the first month with two training days a week. As demand rises we will implement more classes.
keep checking back for more info but more importantly get your backside in the dojo!!!!!
Brett and Greg will be teaching the class and there will be plenty of more info as time goes on.

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Private Lesson Special!!!!!

I want to let everyone know, On Sat Jan. 26th I Have opened up 6 one half hour slots for private lessons. Two Slots have been spoken for, there are four slots left from 11:00 am until 1Pm.
The normal cost is $50.00 for a half hour private. I have lowered the price for this special to $35.00 for a half hour private lesson. I will allow you to video the session as well.
Looking forward to training , first come first serve sign up quick.
Thanks Master Chuck

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January News Letter

January News letter
Well 2012 was a great year. It was very humbling meeting so many great people in so many great places.
I am really looking forward to what 2013 has in store for all of us. The New Year starts off with a bang, classes start up the day after New Years, and there is a work shop the first weekend Jan 5th Sat. from ten am until noon.
This year I have some very lofty goals for myself, the school, and for all the students.
I am hopeful leading by example will inspire everyone to become the best that they can be. Getting into good physical condition, improving dietary habits, and strong training regiments are on the menu to the road to success this year.
I am very excited about the new web site, I hope that all of you have subscribed. Not only will there be the monthly news letter but there will be stories about Professor, technique of the month videos as well as all up coming events.
Those of you who attended classes near the end of 2012, had a small taste of the training that we will be doing in 2013.
There will be a lot of emphasis on technique development, and concept connecting.
The other emphasis of course is going to be physical fitness, and combat applications in the advanced classes.
The Kick boxing class is growing and we are very excited. There is going to be some changes to this program as well.
We are going to do just kick boxing class, which is going to be more fight/self defense orientated, and a separate cardio class throughout the week. Please check the schedule for upcoming class changes and time slots.
The last thing is I want to reach out to everyone who doesn’t have the ability to come and train at the dojo on a regular basis.
Weather you are a student, or an instructor, or a school owner, there are many ways to get the knowledge and skill in Modern Arnis.
I do have the availability for private lessons, these are scheduled to fit both of our schedules.
There are work shops every month at the dojo on a Saturday.
There are Satellite programs, one in Romeo At DLux Karate on Tues. nights 8:30pm until 9:30pm, and Thursdays at Ryukyu Academy, in Commerce Twp. 8:30pm until 9:30pm
We have also been doing workshops in Wyandotte every other month. Please check the schedule for all the dates.
The last way is, I am available for seminars /workshops, I also will help you implement a Modern Arnis program in your school. This will give you the ability to have a full curriculum based program to add students to your school or give your advanced students another challenge.

2013 has a lot of great things waiting for us. We have to stay focused, and committed to achieve all the greatness that’s waiting.
Don’t be afraid of failure; be excited of the prospect of all the success. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR FUTURE!!!!.
Let’s have a great year, Be inspired, Try to Inspire others!!!
Don’t forget no matter where you are someone is looking up to you for guidance!!!
See you on the Mat let’s Make 2013 the greatest year!!!

Master Chuck

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Holiday Schedule

Gauss martial art center wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. Please enjoy your time with friends and family but please be safe. Holiday schedule for the dojo_
The school will be closed from Mon Dec 24th through Tue Jan 1st 2013. All Classes will resume tues. Jan 2nd 2013.

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How to survive a Knife attack seminar

There is a seminar at Gauss Martial arts Jan 23 2013, HOW to survive a knife attack to see the flyer.

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Matched set!!!!!!

With the new web site I have decided to start adding some professor stories.The first story I have told many times before but I really enjoy it so here goes.

I was in Texas attending a camp and professor was teaching the finer points of two vs. one drill. Professor had called me up and was using me as uke. All of a sudden Professor goes into warp 9 speed, going faster than I have ever seen during this drill. I am scared for my life, I was doing everything possible just to keep from getting whacked.  So we continue training until the end of the evening.

The next morning at the hotel I went to breakfast and Professor was there eating already. Professor waves to me very excited come sit down he says. So I get my food and sit down next to him. I began to eat my breakfast and Professor shows me his hand, its very discolored from bad bruising and says “O”, I said Professor what the heck happen? Professor in his usual strong Filipino accent, Oh don’t know!!!!  Professor does this same routine 4 or five more times now I am a bit puzzled, and worried. Professor says, “What is Dis!! Would you help Mee teach the secret Block today.

I was ecstatic, my God the Grand Master asked me to help wow what an Honor.  On top of it I’m getting a secret holy CRAP!!!!!

So the morning session begins professor has everyone close sitting down. He is looking around the room and says he needs help with this new “Secret block” I am crushed, thinking oh man he asked me why is he looking around. Finally being the showman he was he calls me up. This time is different though, He has one stick and I have two. I am a bit puzzled this is the first time I have had two sticks with professor. So he says ok so we start the drill two vs. one. He tells me to”Foke” , so I poke with the right stick and holy snikies !!!!! he lets it rip strikes my hand , he then holds his hand up and says HOLY COW !!!!LOOK NOW WE HAVE A MATCH SET!!!

I am sure it would have been easy for professor to just tell me I struck him but it wouldn’t have had any impact in comparison to how he handled it. I always remember this it always reminded me of what a unique and insightful person Professor was. I hope you enjoy the story its just one of the very many, many stories I have from all the wonderful time I spent with the Grand Master Remy Presas.

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