Matched set!!!!!!

With the new web site I have decided to start adding some professor stories.The first story I have told many times before but I really enjoy it so here goes.

I was in Texas attending a camp and professor was teaching the finer points of two vs. one drill. Professor had called me up and was using me as uke. All of a sudden Professor goes into warp 9 speed, going faster than I have ever seen during this drill. I am scared for my life, I was doing everything possible just to keep from getting whacked.  So we continue training until the end of the evening.

The next morning at the hotel I went to breakfast and Professor was there eating already. Professor waves to me very excited come sit down he says. So I get my food and sit down next to him. I began to eat my breakfast and Professor shows me his hand, its very discolored from bad bruising and says “O”, I said Professor what the heck happen? Professor in his usual strong Filipino accent, Oh don’t know!!!!  Professor does this same routine 4 or five more times now I am a bit puzzled, and worried. Professor says, “What is Dis!! Would you help Mee teach the secret Block today.

I was ecstatic, my God the Grand Master asked me to help wow what an Honor.  On top of it I’m getting a secret holy CRAP!!!!!

So the morning session begins professor has everyone close sitting down. He is looking around the room and says he needs help with this new “Secret block” I am crushed, thinking oh man he asked me why is he looking around. Finally being the showman he was he calls me up. This time is different though, He has one stick and I have two. I am a bit puzzled this is the first time I have had two sticks with professor. So he says ok so we start the drill two vs. one. He tells me to”Foke” , so I poke with the right stick and holy snikies !!!!! he lets it rip strikes my hand , he then holds his hand up and says HOLY COW !!!!LOOK NOW WE HAVE A MATCH SET!!!

I am sure it would have been easy for professor to just tell me I struck him but it wouldn’t have had any impact in comparison to how he handled it. I always remember this it always reminded me of what a unique and insightful person Professor was. I hope you enjoy the story its just one of the very many, many stories I have from all the wonderful time I spent with the Grand Master Remy Presas.

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