January News Letter

January News letter
Well 2012 was a great year. It was very humbling meeting so many great people in so many great places.
I am really looking forward to what 2013 has in store for all of us. The New Year starts off with a bang, classes start up the day after New Years, and there is a work shop the first weekend Jan 5th Sat. from ten am until noon.
This year I have some very lofty goals for myself, the school, and for all the students.
I am hopeful leading by example will inspire everyone to become the best that they can be. Getting into good physical condition, improving dietary habits, and strong training regiments are on the menu to the road to success this year.
I am very excited about the new web site, I hope that all of you have subscribed. Not only will there be the monthly news letter but there will be stories about Professor, technique of the month videos as well as all up coming events.
Those of you who attended classes near the end of 2012, had a small taste of the training that we will be doing in 2013.
There will be a lot of emphasis on technique development, and concept connecting.
The other emphasis of course is going to be physical fitness, and combat applications in the advanced classes.
The Kick boxing class is growing and we are very excited. There is going to be some changes to this program as well.
We are going to do just kick boxing class, which is going to be more fight/self defense orientated, and a separate cardio class throughout the week. Please check the schedule for upcoming class changes and time slots.
The last thing is I want to reach out to everyone who doesn’t have the ability to come and train at the dojo on a regular basis.
Weather you are a student, or an instructor, or a school owner, there are many ways to get the knowledge and skill in Modern Arnis.
I do have the availability for private lessons, these are scheduled to fit both of our schedules.
There are work shops every month at the dojo on a Saturday.
There are Satellite programs, one in Romeo At DLux Karate on Tues. nights 8:30pm until 9:30pm, and Thursdays at Ryukyu Academy, in Commerce Twp. 8:30pm until 9:30pm
We have also been doing workshops in Wyandotte every other month. Please check the schedule for all the dates.
The last way is, I am available for seminars /workshops, I also will help you implement a Modern Arnis program in your school. This will give you the ability to have a full curriculum based program to add students to your school or give your advanced students another challenge.

2013 has a lot of great things waiting for us. We have to stay focused, and committed to achieve all the greatness that’s waiting.
Don’t be afraid of failure; be excited of the prospect of all the success. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR FUTURE!!!!.
Let’s have a great year, Be inspired, Try to Inspire others!!!
Don’t forget no matter where you are someone is looking up to you for guidance!!!
See you on the Mat let’s Make 2013 the greatest year!!!

Master Chuck

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